May 01, 2014

This Little Piggy...

A few weeks ago we had our first warm day (and haven't had one since unfortunately) but it brought the neighborhood dads out of their man caves and into the yard to do some spring cleaning.  I told Haylee earlier in the week that I had plans to take her on a date Saturday afternoon so while the boys were raking and bagging, I got the two of us ready to go.

I knew Haylee would love getting a pedicure but I didn't want her to think we were going to do it regularly, I'm not about to drop twenty bucks on her little bitty toenails when I can paint them myself but she's so girly (and my friend Katie kept bugging me to take her) so I wanted her to at least know what it was all about.

After lunch we went to say goodbye to the boys and Jon said he mentioned our date to the neighbor and she wanted to take her daughter too, so we picked them up and headed to the nail salon.  I was happy to have the neighbor ladies come along but sad that Haylee was seated so far away from me on "our date" which we had been looking forward to.  Haylee is still talking about the fact that Addie was given the pink chair and tub even though "SHE loves pink more!"


The girls were cute while they got their nails done, even the ladies who work took pictures of them for their Facebook page and painted little white flowers on their big toes.

Since Haylee acts like a seven year old boy her paint only lasted one week before it was all chipped and jankety so I think it's safe to say a repeat visit for her isn't in the cards for quite a while, I only go a few times a year myself.

Now if the weather would only turn so I could actually wear some sandals I would be much happier.  But as they say...April showers bring May flowers, right?  When you live in Michigan, you gotta be patient.


River said...

Hooray for Haylee, I've heard pedicures are wonderful.
I've never had one in my life, not a manicure either. For most of my life I didn't know pedicures existed.
My daughter began taking her daughter along for manicures from about age ten, then at thirteen it was pedicures and waxing as well. The sort of girl stuff you don't learn about when being raised by a dad with no clue.

Lisa said...

I think it's about time for a pedi myself, it's been too long! I don't know if I'd want to subject the salon people to my daughter's feet. She's a dancer and those piggies reek!

Amy said...

I have never had a pedi either probably because I am so ticklish that I would act a fool just having someone touch my feet. Glad you guys had a nice date day!