December 15, 2013


Move your feet before you eat was the motto of this year's turkey trot. Jon hadn't run since the 80's run I dragged him to in August so needless to say he wasn't keen on doing this one on a 22 degree morning in a snow storm...speaking of the 80's run, I don't remember posting our picture so here you go!

Fifteen hundred people were expected to run in the turkey trot, which was nothing more than a number until you were actually surrounded by fifteen hundred people.  The run was harder than the ones we've done previously because of the snow and ice on the road but we made it through and crossed the finish line together.

{we were probably middle of the flock here}

Back home we celebrated Thanksgiving with a full house!  My mom, my in-laws, my sister's family and an uncle all made the trip to our house through one of our first real snows of the season.  I was really hoping that with the running and my determination not to stuff myself like the turkey, I would keep on track with the diet but then my mother walked in...

{chocolate pecan pie bars}

And then I fell off the wagon for four days straight #thestruggleisreal.

Even though the house was jam packed, I wouldn't want it any other way on a holiday, the more the merrier!  For the past couple of years my sister and I have taken a picture with my mom (and dad) at each holiday, we truly never let them out the door without one.  As my mom was leaving on Thanksgiving to brave the roads back home we got together for our photo.

In our first take I deliberately made a stupid face because I felt like an outsider who didn't belong in the picture so I might as well ruin theirs!  Jealous, who me?

{thank you ladies for letting me in}

After everyone left the kids suited up and went outside to enjoy the snow, they had been waiting so long for it to arrive!  And then they lasted ten minutes, if that.

{snowball fight ~ she got him back}

Day two of the binge, we headed toward my sisters house to eat some more yard bird with my dad and his girlfriend Laurie.  We sat around the table reminiscing and talking about the things everyone had on their Christmas lists this year.  

And the obligatory holiday photo.

I am thankful that all my family was able to get together this season, that everyone stayed healthy this year, everyone continues to have good jobs and that we all get along so well.  You can't ask for more than that in my book!


Maria Elizabeth said...

I so thought the pecan bars was a JETS Pizza. LOL!

River said...

Chocolate pecan pie bars?? (I thought that was a pizza). Your mum should be fined for bringing such deliciousness!
Love the kids conked out in the snow.