December 06, 2013

Girls Night In 2013.

{Our Crazy Clan}

Every year before we get tied up in holiday schedules, all the ladies in my family get together for a "girls night in" and we have done this every year since the late nineties.

Our night always includes good food, strong drinks and sometimes people bring little gifts for everyone.  This year I brought fingerstaches because our main goal is to laugh A LOT.  When they saw what I brought everyone initially thought they were stupid but guess what, by the end of the night they were the life of the party!

{Dumb and Dumber put them on their faces ~ crooked}

Even though we made a conscious effort to keep our dishes fairly low carb, we ate pretty well as per usual. The low-fat pumpkin dip would have been low-fat if I had eaten one serving...not six, someone should warn me next time.

{mom and I mustache you a question}

My sister tried to scrub her crooked mustache off her face but even after nearly scrubbing it raw the thing wasn't budging, I love her face as she realized it wasn't going anywhere.  Once we got my sister's face in order we sat down with our drinks and played cards.  

My aunt bought everyone a holiday mason jar which I totally left behind and it better be there the next time I come over (or else).  I promptly filled mine with an Amaretto Sour which was ah-mazing if I do say so myself.

I may have had one too many drinks in the cute little mason jar by the time we made the video cousin wasn't drinking because she brought wine and there was no corkscrew to be found so I jammed an ice pick in the cork with a hammer which seemed like a really good idea until the wine started to freeze and looked like it was going to explode.

By the end of the card game I had obviously overdone it. I'm not normally a drinker so three glasses for me was like twenty.  This was about the time I convinced myself the pumpkin dip had to be finished off...and maybe the alcohol was the reason the fingerstaches never got old!

I ended up spending the night after having lots of fun playing games, planning our Christmas party and just being together like we've always done this time of year.

My sister and I took a picture before she hit the road, even after people had sobered up tricks were being played but that's how the ladies in my family roll.  Totally looking forward to another get together next year!


River said...

This is a great Christmas tradition. One day I expect to see Haylee there too.

Smart Ass Sara said...

How about... you adopt me as an honorary sister or cousin and I have fun too? Because I only have my brother and he as ADHD or something so you just don't know how that'll go. :/