December 11, 2012

Let the Parties Begin.

Last week was pretty busy for me as I'm in charge of the holiday party at work which was Thursday night at one of the nicer hotels in town.  The party turned out awesome, the food was delicious and there were some great prizes so I think everyone walked away a happy camper.  I'm just glad it's behind me!

On Saturday morning it was Jon's turn to be stressed out because he was in charge of the fireman's breakfast with Santa for our community.  Make no bones about it, he loves to be in the limelight and has always wanted to be an event planner, so this was right up his alley.

{always with the $5.00 Walmart holiday shirts}

Jon set up his camera on a tripod and let David help take Santa pictures, they left the house quite early to set up.  My plan was to sleep in but 6:00 came and Haylee was standing next to my bed asking if she could have "paint nails".  I told her the night before that I would put some glitter polish on her nails before we went to see Santa and I'm pretty sure she had no rest until morning came...if you can even call 6:00 morning.

{thankfully he still lets me dress him}

I made the kids get their pictures with Santa before squirting syrup all over pancakes and thankfully so because Ryan got a cup of somebody's coffee all over his white shirt while he was off at the kid's station coloring pictures. 

Haylee was smiling nice for the camera until Santa spoke to her, and she totally clammed up.  She looked off into the distance for a minute and then picked up her arm and pointed to the candy cane basket, though never laying an eye on him!

After we ate the best pancakes ever I swear...mine had peanut butter chips in them {divine}, my friend Katie's family showed up and Haylee pretty much lynched baby Morgan because she's totally in love with her.

{Katie and Kendall}

{Rob and Brenym}

{Kendall and Haylee}

{singing the song of her people}

I love how Haylee just sat back and waited for Katie's family to get pictures, I actually had to yell for her to back off because I think she wanted to be right in there with them.

{one more holding of baby Morgan who looks super happy}

{Rob, Katie and Morgan}

David worked the Santa line from 8:00 - 12:00 and did an awesome job, he had the flow down pat.  Print your name and email address on the pad of paper, get on Santa's lap and say cheese people....NEXT!

In addition to Santa, they had an entire kids station set up (where Ryan spent most of his time) with coloring papers and stickers.

After everyone got their fill of pancakes, we headed home and straight to the back yard because it was the first snow of the season!  The kids were so excited to see the flakes coming down they barely got out of the car before grabbing their shovels.

I on the other hand was loving the time alone inside to listen to Christmas music, while cleaning the the kids get older they entertain themselves more and more.  Perfect timing for the snow this past weekend just in time to see Santa, to play outside and to get our tree!   I'll have to save the tree saga for another post.


River said...

These are beautiful happy photos. I love Haylee's hair decoration and I'm going to steal that idea for wearing at work next Christmas. Usually,(for six years now), I wear a decorated cap, but December down here is hot and by the end of my shift I can hardly wait to get that cap off again. The customers love it. I really like David's "I was framed" t-shirt!