April 23, 2012

______ on Wheels.

{Nonna teaching Ryan to rollerblade}

On Saturday morning we all got up anticipating baseball practice for Ryan but because the temperature didn't reach fifty degrees, they cancelled.  I was so disappointed (for him) because he's been itching to get out there and start practicing on the real ball field...something more than just the back yard.

It was a chilly morning but we ventured out for some breakfast and then stopped by my mother-in-law's for a visit.  The kids would always rather be outside when we are there, she has a nice smooth driveway and sidewalks for them to be biking, scootering or roller blading on.

Before I forget, I need to mentioned that I downloaded the Camera+ app on my phone last week and I'm in love!  Usually all the pics I upload are edited in some way, and now I'm enhancing them on the fly with this new app where ever I go.  Tell me these look like pictures taken with a camera's phone...

{I love the little silhouette of him on the ground}

Over the years Jon's mom has collected lots of goodies for the kids to play with, mostly sports things because she only had grandsons until two years ago.  The kids played baseball for a while, the boys wanted to rollerblade and initially I told Ryan he could not because he would break a leg, but once I gave in I was pleasantly surprised because I don't think he fell once.

Maybe it's a "that's my boy" thing but I feel like Ryan can do anything he attempts and does it well...while we were there visiting Donna took the training wheels off the biggest bike she had and gave Ryan a shove.  I think she held him up for one trip down the sidewalk and then let go.

Sorry for all the bouncing around, David was video taping while he was following him on roller blades.

Almost overnight I have a five year old who is going to school at the end of summer all day, every day.  He rides a bike without training wheels.  He counts to one hundred.  Jeez, he's taking a shower and washing his own hair!  I know it sounds cliche but it feels like just yesterday...


Tracey said...

oh my! it is so true that the time goes too fast. I was just looking at some pics of my boys from just 2 years ago and they look so little! I wish you could rewind them sometimes!

River said...

He grew up while you blinked and missed it. It's all leaps and bounds once they hit 5.

Smart Ass Sara said...

Neither one of my kids get the "pedal forward" concept of bike riding. They just figured out the scooters they got two years ago... so I guess it's progress.